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Re: Wheels for sale - Mg or Al?

Steve Jagernauth wroteth:
>Question: "Mg" is inscribed on the inside - are these magnesium or alum?   I
>don't remember the Periodic Table but mag wheels should be lighter than alum,
>right?  Does anyone know what the stock wheel weighs (I still have tires
>mounted on them).  My new 15" wheels weigh in at 17lbs.


Put a torch to the inside (not normally visible) portion of the wheel.
If it simply melts, then it's aluminum.
If the entire wheel bursts into an intensely hot flame, then it's magnesium.

Do not do this in your basement, or on blacktop,BTW.

Working on the hidden portion of the wheel keeps you from disfiguring the
wheel in the event that it is aluminum.

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