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Re: Technic Tool Supply

On a similar note: the new Zelenda catalogs are ready.  I believe their 800 
number is in the vendor list...

On Tue, 27 Aug 1996, "Al Powell" <APOWELL@agcom.tamu.edu> wrote:
>I have been hanging out on the Mercedes list for a few days, since my 
>dad has a half-dozen late 50's and early 60's Benz parts cars he 
>wants to sell.  In the process, I picked up a message from a firm 
>called Technic Tool Supply, which said they supplied special tools 
>for mercedes.  I sent a message asking if they handled Audi tools 
>too, and here is their response.  Thought someone might want to check 
>this out, and add it to the vendor list if it turns out to be 
>From:           tsttools@ix.netcom.com (FOSTER THOMAS)
>Subject:        Technic Tool Supply
>Your interest in our line of products at Technic Tool Supply is greatly 
>appreciated.  To better serve you and others, we have joined the 
>internet. You can locate us through our Web Site:
>           http://www.technictool.com
>and place your order through our E-mail at:
>          tsttools@ix.netcom.com, or gdzu12@a.msn.com
>Or call us at our toll fre # 1-800-637-8738.  Due to the high cost 
>incurred in shipping our catalogs, we regretfully are forced to pass 
>the carges onto our customers. As of may 1996 we will be a $5.00 fee 
>required in advance prior to us shipping our catalog. Upon your first 
>order with Technic Tool Supply we will deduct this charge from your 
>total amount due. 
>We have some Audi tools too, if you are interested please call us.
>We thank you once again for being inerested in our product line.
>                                  Yours cordially
>                                    Thomas Foster 
>All reg'lar and toolman-type disclaimers apply!
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