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Re: Q-list Identification

> To me, using a partial address is pointless. Why not "qua@coi.anet" for
> example? 

Because that's just mangled.

I don't think there is much value in putting a full address on there.
Either it's a small sticker, in which case non-listers would not notice
the sticker, not remember the address, or not be able to read the type;
or it's a large sticker, in which case I don't want it.

But mostly I just want it to be small and subtle.  Something the in-crowd
would recognize and most others wouldn't notice.  White type on a clear
decal, or something else very sparse.  The swedishbricks-style mockup
("quattro@coimbra" in sans serif, no other ornamentation) looks *very*
nice to me.

Just my opinion, of course.  Those who want more visibility are welcome
to it.