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Re: Spotting an A4Q

In a message dated 96-08-28 12:53:12 EDT, hanway@grouse.london.cinesite.com
(Ed Hanway) writes:

<< On business in the UK (unfortunately I had to leave my new A4Q in the
 I've noticed a lot of Audi's, BMW's, Mercs, etc. in the UK don't have the
 usual bunch of emblems with engine displacement, etc.  Why?  It also has me
 wondering: without looking at the obvious "quattro" emblems, is there any
 way to tell the difference, at a distance, between an A4Q and a non-quattro
 I know the wheelbase of the quattro is 0.4 inches shorter, but that's not
 exactly easy to spot at a distance. >>

Nomenclature delete is a no-cost factory option in Germany and not hard to
achieve on a homemade basis.

Other than the subtle "quattro" badges front and rear (presuming they are
still attached), there is no sure-fire means of external differentiation.