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Re: Spotting an A4Q

In a message dated 96-08-28 16:13:43 EDT, drobbins@net2net.com (David
Robbins) writes:

<< >I know the wheelbase of the quattro is 0.4 inches shorter, but that's not
 >exactly easy to spot at a distance.
 Where did you hear this?  I find it very unlikely as it would mean that they
 are actually different cars (with unique bodies, driveshafts, floorpans,
 just to name a few) as that 0.4 inches has to be taken out somewhere. >>

10mm shorter for quattros is right, in the case of the A4.  I believe the A6
quattro is 5mm longer than the front drive.  The differences in rear
suspension are probably to blame. Can't think of any serious reason, or
serious problem.  The basic body structure is common between quattros and
front drive cars nowadays (wasn't always so).

Anecdotal and marginally relevant side note: Several Renaults (and perhaps
others) have had different wheelbases right to left; again as a result of
suspension peculiarities (and Frenchness, perhaps).