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Re: Technic Tool Supply

Bill Martin sent this direct to me - 

> Hi Al
> I am not sure you recieved my thread about Pearl White paint. I read in
> the archives that you did some work with touch up but someone else had
> metioned he had used a nail polish.  At the time I had a red Audi. I was
> wondering if you recll the kind and shade and maybe the brand. Or some 
> method of doibg a neat job of it.
> Regards Bill Martin

Bill - I tried to reply and the message would not go through.  I have 
tried to return mail to you before, but it always bounces.  Your 
address shows to me as <billfree@interlynx.net>.  If this is 
wrong, you need to figure out why an incorrect address shows...

At any rate - I'm sending back thru the list to reach Bill.  The 
pearl touch-up is in two shaker bottles, one part white, one part 
pearl.  If I really needed to do 'em, I'd mix some of both in a tiny 
container and use them...and put some clear coat (also available in 
touch-up bottles) on top.

Since all I did was fix pinpoints, I used the Arctic white with 
clearcoat over it.  I can't say about nail polish, but would suspect 
its longevity.  Also, the Audi pearl white is tough to match!!

Hope this is some help....

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