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RE: CPU controlled boost, 5000CS TQ boost

It would appear from these tests that the CPU controlled WG solenoid can help the boost rise a
little quicker 
Scott M.

I do not understand how this could be true. So long as a 100% mechanical WG's spring is holding the WG 100% closed, how could the CPU-controlled WG 'help the boost rise a little quicker'?

Also, if the CPU is dialing back the boost after 3-4 seconds and/or as a function of RPM then this would indicate that a 100% mechanical WG control would be better for performance Vs CPU WG control.

I certainly can see that the CPU does provide protection for a bad tank of fool or possible mechanical failure and would not be for everyone. 

Would not the OEM 'knock' light provide some level of warning about bad fool and excessive knock?