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Re:Audi Coupe Quattro Sport (fwd

I seem to remember seeing a SportQ advertised for sale in either Classic
Cars or Classic and Sportscar. If I recall correctly it was advertised as
being the car featured in the recently released 'Classic Cars' book by
Quentin Willson of BBC Top Gear fame.. Seen the book, made some saliva
stains on the Quattro pages. That's one nice car! It's a large format book,
and the car is pictured over two pages... looks like new. Great! Price was
about UKP 60K, I think.
Phil Payne wrote:

David Sutton (phone +44 1327 300677, fax +44 1396 300683) is the only regular
dealer in Sports I know of - he lent us two for Coy's, a white one and a blue
one.  I haven't seen one advertised in the UK for about six months - the last
two were GBP57,000 and GBP60,000 - around $90,000.

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