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Re: 90 cooling system questions

At 06:53 PM 8/27/96 -0400, Chris Lemon wrote:
>Hi all...
>I'm gonna change the thermostat on my 90 here in the next few weeks.  Just
>wondering if it is possible to do this w/o removing the power steering pump?

I've changed the thermostat w/o removing the pump....it's pretty tight tho,
and taking off the pump is simple (undo tension lock bolt, undo pivot bolt &
belt, remove 2 (?) bolts and set pump aside) and makes the job a LOT easier.

>Where should the gauge read during the winter; i.e., at what point on the
>gauge does the thermostat open??  TIA!

I don't get that much variation summer/winter; winter temp just takes a
little longer.  I don't know where the thermostat opens on the gauge; my rad
fan goes into high just above the second hash mark, however, and usually
runs just below the same mark.

>Chris Lemon                   
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>Binghamton, NY, USA           

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