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88 5kCSTQW: Recommendations on transmission R/R

I have procured the replacement tranny for the '88 5kQ wagon with the
bad 2nd gear synchro.  I want to make sure that I won't have to go 
back in there shortly afterwards to fix something else, so I wanted 
to post my plans and solicit thoughts as to other things I should do.
[Un]fortunately the starter started making bad sounds the other day, 
so at least that one will be good for a while now too.  

I learned years ago to replace the throw-out and pilot bearings when
I do the swap, and I've got the CV drive flange seals on order.  I am 
wondering if I should plan on replacing the clutch/pressure plate as a 
matter of course, or simply make the call after I "mike" the clutch 
plate.  The car has ~120K miles on it, so I'm thinking I probably should 
do it.  

The replacement tranny has been drained and I plan to use Redline MT-90 
to refill it.  Since I have the thing sitting on the floor in the garage, 
should I contemplate attempting to flush it out with a light oil?  The 
"new" tranny has ~68K miles on it and from the exterior it looks fairly 

Obviously I'll be doing the starter, and I get the feeling this project 
is going to mushroom into something much larger ... exh man studs, eng 
mounts, ... RS2 turbo ;)   

Any and all suggestions for things to check/replace gladly accepted.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)