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Small World

In message  <027073225E0CAADB*/c=US/admd=MCI/prmd=Honeywell/o=AZ-MTA/ou=MSMail/ou=IAC/s=Gorman/g=Ken/@MHS> "Gorman, Ken  (PA62)" writes:
>      "We only have two A4 Quattro's left and they've been sellling like 
> hotcakes.  We'll only discount them $500 off of sticker price.
>      "We have about a half dozen A6 Quattro's left and we'll take $3000 off 
> the sticker price.
>      "We have about a dozen A6 FWD left and we'll take $5000 off the sticker 
> price on any of them.
>      "We have a couple demo cars and we'll take an additional .15 per mile 
> for any mileage in addition to the previous discounts. "
> So there it is.  I can't imagine I can do much better than that.   I'm 
> leaning towards an A6 FWD.

IMVHO - you're crazy.  Take the A4Q (like everyone else has been doing - why 
do you think they're only offering $500) and spend the A6 -> A4Q delta on 
performance mods.

You'll never regret it.  Never.

The $5000 off the A6 FWD price is not enough.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club