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No Audi Content

Hey Folks,

Anybody know anything about restoring old furniture???
A friend of mine has a small furniture restoration business and uses a
special chemical to remove the old finish e.g. varnish, paint etc.
He purchased a "stripper/finish remover" system (basically a very large
tank, a brush and a pump which feeds the chemical thru the brush) some time
ago from a UK company - no suppliers in Ireland. He gets regular supplies of
the chemical from them, cost 100IRP for 5 gallons! real expensive. He wans
to make up his own chemical to cut down on cost. The drums have a label on
them which says:
INGREDIENTS:  Methylane Chloride 80%,  Methanol 12.5%, Trichloroethylane 5.7%
              plus surfectants, stabilisers, activators and thickners.

He can purchase the three main ingredients here in Ireland, enough to make 5
gallons of chemical for 20IRP but needs to know what the other components are.
He has been told that the system is actually American and asked me to do
some investigating on the net. Anyone any suggestions?
I already suggested to him that if he IS going to mix this stuff that he
does not stand under a roof joist and should really wear a parachute!

George Harrison,
Co. Kildare,

'85 ur-quattro
'86 80 Sport