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A4 throttle body mod (HELP part II)

hello everyone,

well, i am still waiting to hear from my dealer to see if they will help 
me remove then reinstall the throttle body. since my dealer refused to 
call schaumberg, schaumberg was kind enough to fax some info about the mod 
to my dealer. it doesn't take 2 days to read a couple of pages, so i 
figure they are just ignoring me now. so, i guess i am going to look for 
other audi dealers in my area. i know of one, but i didn't buy from them 
because i didn't like their attitudes (how ironic). has anyone purchased 
an audi on the tri-state area (pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware)? 
better yet, has anyone in the tri-state area had the schaumberg 
modification done?