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Re: Fool?

>"Fool" is a fraternal greeting.  It echoes around the car park at the Plough
>(and the Robin Hood at Buckler's Holt, near Buckingham, first Thursday of each
>month). Anyone who has owned an ur-quattro, of whatever vintage, or knows a
>great deal about them and then buys another is _invariably_ greeted in this

I guess I just became one then didn't I?

>There's not much difference between the cost of running an urq and restoring
>one, incidentally.  The money I've spent on parts and labour over the past
>three years would have bought me any but the two most expensive of the 20 cars
>on this month's "for sale" list.

My partner hates it already!  04:00 I crwled out from under it this morning
having finished chhanging the Front Sub-Frame, Wishbone and Gearbox
Mounting Bushes.  Time to move on to Strut Top and Rear Sub-Frame
etc....and so on

>Anyone with any sense would buy a Ford.

Wash your mouth out, there may be children reading this!  :-)

What time do these fraternal meetings normaly take place?

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