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Secret Code for getting into the group?!?

So- do I have to go through some initial hazing before I am accepted into
this group or does it happen naturaly when my car runs into x-files

I am trying to make decisions on whether or not to keep a pretty cherry 1990
Coupe 20v (Pearl White) with about 55k on it.  No cosmetic issues except for
minor chips up front, and no mechanical issues except for a rattling exhaust
system, worn brake pads up front, and a fog light that's out.  I even got
extended warranty when I bought it which will be good until October 1997!

I am not happy with my suspension, seats, lights, wheels, and most important,
POWER.  I know I have very few alternatives for the latter, but if I end up
with a tight handling car, I'll deal with the low end sluggishness,
considerind that I have been a die-hard Q fan, this being my (let's see.
 1,2,3,4,5)  Fifth one.  If not, and I can't get sticky wide wheels and a
bucket seat to keep ME attached, I am after the Porsche Boxter in Jan of 1996
and will have to say bye bye to Q's until I win the lottery and get a SportQ
or a nice station wagon when I have some kids to throw in there.

Are there any owners out there that would be interested in a phone
conversation on my dime?  I just blew 2 of my P6 tires out and thought I
should change the whole wheel setup- but there doesn't seem to be much around
with the right specs, and Tire Rack says I can't even put 16x8's on it.  I
must stick with a 205 width.  True?!?  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Saam Gabbay


1978 Volvo 242GT!!!  Now that was a car!
1994 GT Coupe
1995 4000csQ
1993 UrQ
1991 Coupe 20v
1989 M3  (while searching for the car below)
1990 Coupe 20v (the current one)