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UK quattro Owners Club - US Membership

I am still receiving responses about joining the club, so I thought I would 
send this
out again. Since my first deadline, 1 Sep, falls on a saturday, and all the 
have not arrived, I will extend the deadline to 5 Sep 96. This way I can get 
to the
bank and postoffice on friday 6 Sep and send the package to the UK. So if 
are interested in joining, follow the detailed procedure outlined below.

Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
Boulder CO

Ur-quattro owners and other interested parties,

Recently there has been a thread about the UK quattro Owners Club. A month
or two prior to these posts, I was in contact with members of this club 
into membership details. Thanks to Phil Payne and John Gittens, who I was
working through, the club is aware of membership interest from the US and 
come up with membership payment details. Up to this point there have been
no members from the US, so the procedure for US membership hadn't been
worked out. Now it has and here is the scoop.

>From the hands of Phil Payne, a member of the club,

Some details about the club:

>The UK quattro Owners Club is primarily for ur-quattro owners but also
>provides "enthusiast" membership status for ur-quattro fans. There is,
>however, absolutely no difference between "enthusiast" and "full"
>membership status other than the name.  All receive all benefits. The club
>had 461 members, some owning several vehicles, as of 30 June 1996.
>27 new members (including one Sport owner) joined at Coy's on 3/4/5
>Membership is GBP25 a year within the UK.  Overseas rates on request,
>dependent on postage (20 page monthly newsletter) from the UK.

>From the details on US membership:

>This is GBP15 for the remainder of 1996, and GBP25 for the whole of
>each subsequent year.  The logic behind this is that the extra postage we 
>on overseas mailings almost exactly balances the allowance (meagre though
>it is) for entertaining domestic members at meetings which would be
>inaccessible to overseas members.
>So - GBP15 followed by GBP25, or GBP40 to cover you until the end of 1997
>(16 newsletters).
>The crux is payment - we have deliberately kept the costs down, but this
>means our margin for bank charges, etc., is miniscule.  We can't afford, 
>example, to pay credit card commission. There are two options.  Some
>individual or body might care to collect locally and send us a cheque in
>sterling for the correct amount, made out to the UK quattro Owners Club.
>Even if the cheque is in sterling, we pay quite a considerable standing
>charge - enough to eliminate our margin if it's a "cheque per member".
>So collect two or three locally, and whack us a cheque.

I have volunteered to be the US contact for the initial membership drive.
(Sounds like I'm on PBS asking for money so we can keep broadcasting
the Big Comfy Couch, but that isn't the case). I will collect the checks 
members here in the US, cash all the checks collected, get a cashiers
check produced in British pounds sterling(there is an $8 processing fee
for doing this) and will send this check to the membership secretary. 
after this we will start receiving our newsletters.

Here's the detailed procedure:

1) E-mail me that you have decided to join the UK qOC, send note to

Include the following information in the note(from the club membership form)
member name
mailing address
e-mail address
home phone number
work phone number
Vehicle model
Chassis no.
Engine no.
exterior color
interior color/material
2) Write a check made out to David Lawson for $63.

The detailed financial breakdown is
     current  exchange rate 1.549GBP/US$, wednesdays rate in fridays paper
     remainder of 1996 GBP15 ->    $23.24 rounding up -> $23.25
     1997 membership GBP25 ->    $38.73 rounding up -> $38.75
     bank processing fee                   $1 

3) Send the check to me by 1 September 1996,
     David Lawson
     4865 Durham Street
     Boulder, CO  80301

4) I will personally cash the checks collected and get a cashiers check
made out to the UK quattro Owners Club in British pounds sterling($8 bank
processing fee for this conversion) for the total amount received. All the
money I receive will go into the UK club check.

5) I will alert Phil Payne via e-mail of the number of US members who are
joining and the total amount being sent to the club.

6) I will assemble the membership info and send this along with the check
to Roger Galvin the club membership secretary.

7) Roger Galvin does his thing.

8) We start to receive and enjoy our newsletters, my guess is probably late
september or early october.

So far, the following people have expressed interest
Dave Lawson
Ben Howell
Thompson Smith
Steve Buchholz
Richard Funnell

I look forward to hearing from those interested.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
83 ur-quattro