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Discouraged about A4

Well I am really starting to get discouraged here...

I have been lurking around this list for a few months now, 
gathering information on the A4 and trying to assuage any 
doubts I had about purchasing a car which is at the very top 
of my price range for a new car (much thanks to all who 
posted regarding their experiences with their A4's).  After 
reading any and all messages related to A4ís on this list 
and seeking outside information wherever I can find it 
(magazines, web sites, etc.), I finally convinced myself I 
should bite the bullet and pay the price for a new A4.

I now find out that A4ís are virtually all gone now and none 
will be in until the 97ís arrive late next month.  On top of 
that, the 97 models will cost about $1000 more than the 96 
models.  I had been contemplating how to deal with the extra 
cost of the car and telling myself "what the hell".  I 
figured "O.K., I can deal with it" and now comes another 
blow...  I now read that the color I had my heart set on, 
the Emerald Mica, will not be available on the 97ís.  

What is the deal here?  Are the Audi Gods already conspiring 
against me when I have not even purchased an Audi yet?  I 
have put in months of research and investigation to finally 
make a decision on what car to purchase and feel good about 
it, only to find that I will now have to pay more for the 
car and not get the color I want.  Aaaarghh!

Just a discouraged prospective Audi owner...and a first-time 
poster to the list.

Mark Blum
96 A4...not!