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Re: gas/octane & 2.8 v6

I generally agree with what ScharfR posted except for some of this (and it's
not totally inaccurate in my book, either):

At 11:46 PM 8/27/96 -0400, ScharfR@aol.com wrote:
> You will notice some deterioration in performance at the top end and far up
>in the rpm range under heavy load.  You might even feel a very slight

The purpose of increased octane is to manage
detonation/pre-ignition/knocking.  Some would describe this as uncontrolled
combustion before its proper time (gee, sounds like a wine commercial).  The
issue is TIMING (hmmm...sounds like a P. Wales .sig).  the SLOWER the engine
is turning, the more time the fuel-air mixture has to pre-ignite before the
proper time.  Conversely, the faster the engine turns, the less time to
pre-ignite.  ergo, the faster the engine turns, the LOWER the octane

SO, you will need highest octane at LOW rpm under heavy load (like when
towing a trailer)
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