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Antenna Atrocities

Q Electrical Wizardz:
The factory power antenna on my '87 4Q finally went belly-up, sort of.  It
simply 'clicks' when current is applied.  Took the entire thing apart - mast
& cable are fine.  Looking at the electrical stuff next to the actual
electric motor, it appears that one of the two "thingies wrapped in copper
wire" is the source of the 'click.'   There also appears to be sparks
occurring within this copper clad piece and a burning smell after the current
has been applied. 

So, is this copper wrapped piece the culprit can it be replaced, instead of
the entire antenna ($$$$$) assembly?   Have tried replacement BOSCH antenna -
poor fit and much too long, etc.

Apologies for abundant use of overly general, non-tek words.

Duane Hale
San Diego, CA