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Audi Quattro Book, 1980-1991

I just got a catalog from Classic  Motorbooks and they have the Audi Quattro
book in it that I believe everyone was looking for. It's by R.M. Clark,
published by booklands, and is $24.95.  The company could tell me no more
about it over the phone...like how many pages, color or B&W.....

But here's their number if someone wants the book, I might buy it myself if
someone who has it could tell me a little more about it.
Classic Motorbooks
800 826-6600
Christian J. Long - Orlando, FL
1990 Coupe Quattro
1990 90 
Previous Audis: 1981 5KT,  1984 Coupe GT,  1985 Coupe GT,  1987 Coupe GT 2.3