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Re: badging...

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>There _is_, however, a lot of turbo/16v/20v/GTi badging going on.
> Phil Payne

I presume you mean badge switching?  I was once changing the oil at a garage
on a vehicle that was identified as a "turbo".  After I was done I was
curious (had one myself) as to the layout etc.  Couldn't find that darn
snail anywhere!  Luckily the na version of that used the same filter as the
real turbo.  I'm not sure if a turbo badge will make it go faster...?

In the distant past, I owned a yvehC ageV, which I discovered to my delight
could be rebadged very easily with my friend's "Elecro-Luxe" label from his
land yacht.  Cool.  See my next post for Audi content?