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Re: I Got One!

In a message dated 96-08-31 12:10:52 EDT, you write:
Someone writes:
<< >As a general rule, the "BOMB" system is found on turbos because there is
 >reliable long-term source of vacuum in quantity in a turbo car.  The vacuum

 >differential locks don't need very much vacuum at all, so they're not such
 Then Eric responds...
 The Bomb system was aslo on the N/A 84-91 5000/100........
....  Taking that further from bro Eric, the bomb system is not found on
turbos because of vaccuum......  Look at the dodge turbos of the mid to late
80's....  All of them used vaccuum boostered brakes...  Hmmmm....  So do
Talons, and the R/T turbos....   Hmmm...  Maybe some just figgr that alot of
reserve boost isn't needed cuz most braking is not done under boost
conditions.....  The hydraulic system is a good one for assist, in theory and
practice, tho also a hi maintenance item as well....