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Re: A-arm bushings

peter@amtsg6.ime.nrc.ca,Internet writes:

>> PS Yes, you can replace the A-arm bushings with a vice.

>Do you want to elaborate on this one? I also have to replace the
>bushings in my

Yes, here it is, step by step.

5.5 inch tablevice (I recommend Sears Craftsman)
3lb hammer
1 3/8 inch socket (it is about 3 inches tall.)
reciprocating saw (Sawzall)
flat punch (chisel type)
big pliers

put A-arm in vice
try to remove innermost steel collar using pliers, otherwise, next step
make 2 cuts in steel band, stopping when you hit the next rubber layer
	***these cuts should be about 1/3 of the radius away from each other
using either the flat punch of the pliers, tear out the metal collar
when you get to the outer most collar, make the cuts but DO NOT cut all
the way through unless you are either VERY GOOD with the saw or have
another pair of eyes to watch the progress of the blade, otherwise, you
will cut into the A-arm. 
Providing you have not cut through, take the pliers and bend towards
the center the flanging of the bushing. Be sure to peel on the cuts,
they may (if you are lucky) tear through. Now twist the outer metal
collar, contort it, do whatever, but be careful not to damage the A-arm.

place the A-Arm in the vice so it is facing up, like a A, with one of
the holes for the bushings in the vice like shown:

V(2)= Vice jaws
S= socket
A= A-arm
B= New Bushing
M= metal plate

the metal plate is to protect the bushing from the vice jaws. The
socket is big enough not to block movement of the bushing, yet small
enough to stay on the bushing hole. Now tighten as much as you can.
Give about 4 sharp raps with the hammer on the vice, being sure to hit
inline with the bushing. Keep doing this and the bushing will go in.
This sounds too barbaric for an Audi, I know, but it saved me $80us.
Took about 5 hours, including removal of the A-arms. Could have
probably taken 3, but I took my time. 

For a foot note, it made a HUGE difference in handling. BTW, will need
a front end alignment, of course.


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