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How do you spell "Fool" in French/Italian?

On Sat, 31 Aug 1996, Scott Bermes wrote:

> 1. Peugeot 405mi6 (that's the only one I would go with)
> 2. Alfa Milano or early 164 if its close to the $5K price
> 3. Merkur Scorpio (don't like the XR4Ti)
> 4. Sterling 825SL (prefer the 5door hatchback, but they are probably 
> VERY hard to find)
> 5. Saab 9000turbo

	I hafta think that the respective internet lists for each of these
cars has a greeting much like our "Fool"   :-|

> Of course, for $5K would love to go with an early 80/90q, but I gotta 
> make the old lady happy.  At lease she is saying ok to this verses $5K 
> worth of new furnature and/or landscaping!!!  Appreciate your feedback.

	That _IS_ noteworthy.  AAMOF, my wife just commented yesterday how
much she liked the 90Q that she saw in the driveway when Brendan Rudack
was here!  News to me!  Maybe I can get a nice 90Q some time in the near
future. :-)

	(BTW, AAMOF = as a matter of fact)

Later, ---------------------------------------------------------- 
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