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Re: Antenna Atrocities

At 03:10 AM 8/31/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Q Electrical Wizardz:
>The factory power antenna on my '87 4Q finally went belly-up, sort of.  It
>simply 'clicks' when current is applied.  Took the entire thing apart - mast
>& cable are fine.  Looking at the electrical stuff next to the actual
>electric motor, it appears that one of the two "thingies wrapped in copper
>wire" is the source of the 'click.'   There also appears to be sparks
>occurring within this copper clad piece and a burning smell after the current
>has been applied. 

I have a power antenna with a good motor but bad mast from a 5k that I would
give you for $5 plus postage.  It's just taking up space in my garage.  None
of our cars use the powered antenna, so I'll NEVER need it!  Hell, I'm trade
you for some Audi part that's just taking up space in your garage!


John Karasaki

The Karasaki's, proud owners of AUDI automobiles

1981 Coupe - Not many parts left.
1982 TQC
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1987 5000CS TQW
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