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I Got One!

In message <960831185856_469423470@emout08.mail.aol.com> PDQSHIP@aol.com writes:

> ....  Taking that further from bro Eric, the bomb system is not found on
> turbos because of vaccuum......  Look at the dodge turbos of the mid to late
> 80's....  All of them used vaccuum boostered brakes...  Hmmmm....  So do
> Talons, and the R/T turbos....   Hmmm...  Maybe some just figgr that alot of
> reserve boost isn't needed cuz most braking is not done under boost
> conditions.....  The hydraulic system is a good one for assist, in theory and
> practice, tho also a hi maintenance item as well....

Maybe you should factor in:

a) How Germans drive
b) Steep Austrian and Swiss mountain passes.

Whatever _we_ think - the inadequacy of vacuum resources in a turbo car is the 
reason _Audi_ give for their decision.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club