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Emissions--last word from here

	Mr. human discusses Nixon, Reagan, North et al., in regards to my 
comment about the ref looking....

	2 points:  1  Thankfully, this list does not get into political 
discussions.  So, I will not even address the logic misses inherent in 
the Nixon...statement.

	2.  You miss my point.  I am *all* for emission tests / rules so 
long as they have a purpose.  How can you explain getting failed on an 
emissions test simply because you have altered? the cat setup---even 
though w/out it you PASS the emissions test?  My comment about following 
the rules was really nothing more than my belief that the purpose behind 
emissions testing is to eliminate the cars that pollute beyond some 
arbitrary point.  Nothing more.  So, if my car passes emissions w/out a 
cat [as *many* will, and do] who should care?  Like saying it is no good 
if you pass a written test writing with your toes--I say there is more 
important things to govern.  But, that is just me, a guy still using freon.