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Re: I missed A4,dad change his mind.!!

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Dad buys you new german luxury car?  Out of my range of experience...
only human
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                Waiting for new lot of A4 2.4,expecting to arrive in late
        but my dad go to MB showroom and see that the price of
        MB C180 elegance is the same as A4 V6 2.4,he said he better
        buy C180 for me rather than A4 because of  "resale value" >>>So Sell
It And Buy An Audi! .
         He also told me that for urban use ,V6 2.4 is too big ,use 1.8
       (C180) will save the fuel.   
                What should I do ? believe him ? or convince him to go on
        with the A4.    Actually MB also a good car,but I'm sick of it's
        13 sec for 0-60

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