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V8Q ramblings

Hello fellow Qlisters old and new. THE list seems to have lost
a few and gained a few members in the last month. (I've been
away, far away.) Always good to get away and see exactly how
good we have it here in the US of A. No U$3.00+ a gallon
gasoline and no U$100,000.00 and up Audi's. (dem taxes)

I dropped off my Pearl V8Q at the Audi Dealer (Clair) on
the day I left, to have the car painted and a few dings and
scratches removed. They had the car for a full month. I
decided to go with a dealer bodyshop because...well..they're
the dealer, if anyone can match the factory spec it's them,
right??  WRONG  What a dissapointment when I went to pick
my baby up.

They BROKE my sunroof, some ##$@%ing gorilla managed to break
the two side rails and cock it shut..solid. I and a mechanic
friend managed (after 3 hours and 1 broken sunroof tool) to
free it up. There was a philips screw imbeded in the mechanism,
the screw that holds one of the missing siderails. The bodyshop
manager had the balls to tell me it was broken when I dropped
the car off....and they changed the sunroof gasket without
opening the roof....I don't think even Houdini could have pulled
that one off.

The front bumper has had some of it's coating eaten away by
what I assume was thinner spilled on the bumper. Nice shiny
gloss black patches on the bumper that can be seen from far

The hood is so badly aligned that from the passenger side of
the car you can see almost all the heads on the bolts that
hold on the fender.

The turn signal lens was broken and the passenger seat was

When they "shot" the paint (second stage) it was done from too
close, and well.....the silver particles of the pearl are too
thick...suffice to say my Pearl Audi has spots on it that look
like the Tin Man has been wearing his butt off on the car.

There is more...but this post is long enough.  I wouldn't even
have bothered posting this if this had been done at an independent
or chain body shop, but I did consciously decide to spend extra
in order to have the perceived "best" work done at a supposedly
factory AUDIted and trained facility.

I'm taking it back tomorrow, going to call first and see if at
least I can get a decent loaner. I'm also going to insist on
having the sunroof repaired (it's unstuck, but still %$^%#ed)
at the Dealerships Service dept, NOT the bodyshop.

I'm wondering whether they farmed out the work to the gypsies
in the Caldor parking lot.

Glad to be back anyway.


'90 V8Q
'84 5KS

... Some cures are worse than the disease.

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