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88 90Q diags

ON my sisters perpetual pain in the a** 90Q, she complains of the check 
engine light usually going on and staying on for weeks. And when it is 
on, the car occasionaly runs poorly....i.e. in the morning, it will 
start, but giving it any gas stalls it until its warm etc etc etc...

ANYWAY, yesterday I dumped the codes on it and heres what I found:

Its a 49 state car so Bently said I have two sets of fault codes. First 
being ignition second being FI.  I ran the car for a minimum of 5 minutes 
which included being over 3k rpm and one WOT.  Keeping the car running I 
put the fuse in the fuel pump relay for at least 4 seconds and took it 
out... the Check engine light flashed a 4444 and according to bentley 
that means all is OK with the ignition. I put the fuse in again for the 
second set of codes and read a 1111. According to bently that is either 
the "fuel injection computer module" or the "Ignition contol module". 
Since the first set of codes for the ignition came up OK, I would guess 
it to be the former. Now my questions...

1) DId I do it right?
2) Do you agree with the results
3) WHat the *$^@ is a Fuel injection module?
4) WHere is it and how much and does anyone have a spare sitting around 
they would part with?


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