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Re: 2nd car - wife says no more Audi

Just my HO on this subject:

> 1. Peugeot 405mi6 (that's the only one I would go with)
Very nice car. Good driver, quite reliable, *nice* engine! Most have been
driven into the ground here, by incompetent drivers and smoke like h*ll.

> 2. Alfa Milano or early 164 if its close to the $5K price
If you like unreliable cars, this should be your choice. A friend of mine
had a very late one that spent on average three days of each week in the
'shop. It took 3yrs for the 'bugs' to be ironed out. When he got a loaner
Alfa from the dealer, that broke as well and the dealer got him a Ford!
(nice and ironic...) Early 164 were even crappier built than Milanos.

> 3. Merkur Scorpio (don't like the XR4Ti)
Is that the same as the Ford Sierra? Strong cars, reliable, relatively
fast. Slower/low spec ones a bit boring though. In Europe these have a
reputation for 'eating' their front discs in no time.

> 4. Sterling 825SL (prefer the 5door hatchback, but they are probably
> VERY hard to find)
These are *very* unreliable and parts are hard to find. Nice to drive, good
looking though.

> 5. Saab 9000turbo
Nice, fast, safe, good driver, reliable, good image. This would probably be
my choice because they're stronger than Peugeots. A well-maintained Saab
lasts forever!

> Of course, for $5K would love to go with an early 80/90q, but I gotta
> make the old lady happy.  At lease she is saying ok to this verses $5K
> worth of new furnature and/or landscaping!!!  Appreciate your feedback.
>Ah well... you cannot have everything! And how's about a VW?
>1988 80 1.8S FWD

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