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With a heavy heart..........

Hi Friends,

My friends, its with a heavy heart that I with this message.  On Friday,
August 23rd, I was involved in an accident.  A drunk driver crossed the line
and hit me head-on.  And one of the results of this accident was the
totalling of my 90Q.  It had everything a man could want in a car:ABS, Roof,
Leather, power everything, headlight washers, the whole nine yards.  

The insurance company decided to pay me off for the car, which is good.  the
only problem is, when I decided to replace my 90Q with a brand spanking 1996
A4 [red of course], the dealer, Jeff Sikes Audi in Huntville, Alabama
decided to get stiff on the price.  The dealer had one on the lot with a
sticker price of 31K and it wasn't a quattro model.  They wouldn't negotiate
on the price at all.

So, before I head over to the Volvo/BMW dealer, is this standard practice
for the A4 ??  Is it that hard to get ??  If anyone know where I can get a
better deal, please let me know.  I won't mind driving a couple hundred
miles to save a thousand bucks or so.

Thanx in advance.

Its Weak To Speak And Blame Somebody Else, While You Destroy Yourself --
Public Enemy