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Addr: 5000TQW for sale

From: Ivan Mastovsky

Last week my son finally bought the car he was looking for a while,93'
  S4 in perfect condition. So as agood son, he said "Dad do you want my
  car? I give you good price." His car is 89' pearl white 200 in very
  good condition. And that where my car comes in. 1987 silver 5000 TQW
  with about 85k. I had the car for 3 years. Condition is good, everything
  is working (at least as of this morning), but to make it what it should
  be, it can use little bit of body work and new tires. If anybody on the
  list is interested or know somebody who my be, please contact me
  directly. BTW I also have four original rims from my long gone 82'coupe
  One important thing, car is located in Boston area.
  Try to catch me on (617)253-7324 or IVAN@RLE.MIT.EDU