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90' 90 Quattro

I have recently purchased  a 1990 model 90 quattro.  The car has 
120 000 km and I would like complete a tuneup on it.  The owners manual
is surprisingly vague on maintence details.  If someone would be willing to
make a few recommendations, I would greatly appreciate it.  One item in
particular I am interested in is the timing belt, but all
recommenations are needed. 

I am becoming familar with the stock audi sound system since I
purchased the car.  The car has a black leather interior, and can
become very hot in sunny weather.  It seems when this happens, the
rear speakers cutout, as if there was no power to the rear amps.  If I
tap the right hands side of the console, 80% of the time this will
seem to fix the problem, other times the rear speaks will work after
time to cool down.  I know this isn't much to go on, but if anyone has
had a similar problem, I would be interested.

Thanks in advance,

Mark Vollmer