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	Hi all,

I'm a new member of this list, I subscribed last week. I bought an 83' Ur-Q 
last february and I must say that I know really well now the road to my 
mechanic... I fixed already a lot of little ( or big ) problems on this car 
but one remain. Back in february, the car was quite all right except that it 
was 'reving' pretty bad ( especially above 4000 ). A month later I bought a 
'performance' chip, and I didn't feel a big difference. After a little while, 
the car wouldn't go above 4000, same problem as Paul it seems, the fuel pump 
switches off. I had both throttle switches changed, the air temp sensor seemed 
to be all right, and the car was running all right... for a couple of days... 
>From this time, the car keeps having the same problem, just becoming worse and 
worse. It's like a cycle : the car's running good, I drive it for a while, 
then it starts 'reving' worse and worse; first, above 4000 it seems that the 
fuel pump stops for half a sec then switches back on ( the car is shaking ) 
but I can still go to 6000, and the more I drive the worst it becomes. I've 
been from LA to SF and during the last 100 miles I had to accelerate softer 
and softer to avoid this problem. Now, it does that at any 'revs' and the more 
I accelerate, the more the fuel pump switches on and off. My mechanic doesn't 
figure out completely the problem, he just gets it to work all right, but a 
few days later, it starts doing the same thing again. I have no ideas where it 
comes from. I don't think the ECU is bad because sometimes it's running well. 
The fuel pump seems to work. Every sensors and switches seems all right.
I need help, I'm desperate ! The car is so pleasant to drive when it runs, and 
so annoying when you've a hard time to pass a Civic DX... 
	Did anybody have the same problem ?