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Re: O2 sensor diagnostics, duty cycle in %, long post

> Orin, 
> Some additional info on O2 sensors and
> adjusting the frequency valve duty cycle.
> John Karasaki said:
> > Scott Mockery and I (mostly Scott) did a thorough check of all the engine
> > systems on the 5kcstqw I purchased this week.  When we measured the duty
> > cycle, it was about 52%, removing the oil dip stick raised this up to ~ 65%,
> > but the engine did not stall.  Ned and others said that the dip stick test
> > was a good way to check for leaks.  I think your duty cycle of 50-55 is
> Orin commented on Johns  5KCSTQW
> >Thats degrees not %.  It's too lean for my liking - especially since
> >the computer will set it to 60% for 'enrichment'. 
> Acutally, when we took a quick look at the freguency valve duty cycle waveform  on
> John's car using an Oscilloscope we were reading the duty cycle  % and not using
> a dwell meter. I was doing a quick check on John's car to make sure the duty cycle
> wasn't way off. We didn't take the time to readjust the mixture that day............. 

OOPS - I think I didn't make myself clear.  I meant the numbers I gave for
my car were degrees...  I use a digital dwell meter which is readable;
the numbers change 2 or 3 times a second.  So I was at 60%, as I said,
too lean for my liking.  I just got the adjustment tool (for the
third time, I keep losing these things!).  It's going to be set to
38 degrees per Ned's recommendation.

Thanks for the info!