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Re: ABS Brake Problem 91 wagon

Wastenott@aol.com wrote:
> After a front wheel bearing replacement the brake pedle vibrates under
> moderate braking and there is noise in the ABS system under the hood.  Any
> suggestions?
> Bob

Who replaced the bearing? If it was a garage, don't go back!

Is the vibration the ABS working or does it feel like warped brake

If it's the ABS then... The Bentley manual recommends replacing the
plastic cap on the ABS sensor when the axle is removed from the hub. I
understand this guarantees proper spacing of the sensor against the axle
shaft. It sounds like the ABS is misreading that wheels speed and trying
to correct it.

If it's the warped rotor syndrome, sounds like something didn't go back
together right.

Hope this helps...

Michael Eck
88 GTI 16V