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Re: 80Q performance mods - newbie questions

Sorry Phil, guess you didn't catch my sarcasm about the spoiler! :-)
	I didn't mention any corners, only straight line performance.
Tested the straightline performance with a friends Grand Cherokee.  The
Jeep pulled ahead 'til ~50mph then the little 5-banger says goodbye, and
it really gets serious around the 80mph mark.  Stopping from those speeds
is ridiculous in the Jeep,  occassionally I can get the tires to howl but
not often.  Oh, and you are on hte right mailing list, only driving is a
bit different over here!

Brendan Rudack			rudack@ucsub.Colorado.EDU
88' 90Q
Boulder, Colorado 

On Wed, 4 Sep 1996, Phil Payne wrote:

> In message <Pine.GSO.3.95.960903134543.20688B-100000@ucsub.Colorado.EDU> Brendan Rudack writes:
> > The 90Q's easily have 10mph more on the top end 'cause of the rear spoiler!
> Spoilers cost bhp and provide _GRIP_.  They're part of the quattro deal, and 
> one of the reasons that bends _should_ be taken faster in a quattro.  If you 
> don't come home with bruised sides, you weren't enjoying yourself.
> > You know what I mean, at the stoplight with one of the big engined SUV's, 
> > they hear the noisy Audi and humiliate you up to highway speeds!
> Am I on the right mailing list?  The only recent humiliations have been the 
> dork in the 328GTB who tried to out-corner me on the Glossop-Bamford road (the 
> imfamous "Snake Pass") and the guy in the Golf GTI that I arrived behind a 
> couple of weeks ago.  It was late at night, and he decided that _he_ wasn't 
> going to be caught by another car.  Perhaps he didn't recognise the urq's 
> _very_ distinctive light pattern?  Anyway, he got more and more extreme, but 
> never more that tem metres away.  De dum, de dah.  And then he _seriously_ 
> overcooked it, and almost had a nasty.  I pulled back and centred into the 
> lane, just in time to see his wife/girlfriend deliver a _huge_ whack to the 
> back of his head.
> He signaled me past.
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>  Phil Payne 
>  phil@sievers.com
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