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I've joined the conversation a bit late- but I hope I can still catch the
tail end of it.

A "Buddy" of ours races for Porsche and can get me a Boxter at 6% over
factory cost (13% below dealer invoice) and I would be able to take delivery
of the car in January, ahead of the pack, without having to pay for the
"New-Car-Hype" dealer surcharge.  Since another "Buddy" in the group just got
a C4S (a much better car, I know) the a local dealer has also agreed to put
us on the list for a "first-10" car without paying the surcharge, but paying
full retail.

So- you can see the problem.  I own a very cherry 1990 Coupe Quattro
(pearl/black with 54K miles and still under warranty) which I am working on
upgrading.  Ultimately, I don't have enough money ($12K) to get the
horespower I would like out of the car.  It is a dog, and I'm tired of Dodge
Cravans beating me off the line.  But it has one of the most beautiful butts
in the business, and I love the way it feels (or will feel, once Eric F gets
his act together and ships me some shocks!).  The 2 seater is a bit
impractical as an only car.

What do I do?  Keep a rare car, take advantage of the Boxter deal and give my
Coupe to a lover on the List?  Move to Europe and buy an S2?  Sue Audi for
not importing the good stuff?  Buy the boxter, sell it for $50K, drop a 200T
engine in my coupe?  Buy a Ford?

I need therapy.

Saam Gabbay
1990 Coupe Quattro.   Nice car.