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Re: low Pentosin - Flickering lights

Hairy green toads from Mars made Jeff Loh say:

>      Andrew's "heavy" cat made him say:
>      "I do know the differnce between brake fluid and Pentosin"
>      OK, if you please, enlighten an Audi newbie. WHAT THE HECK IS
>      Pentosin???? Is it a trade name for some magic elixer that only
>      Audis use? My used car did not come with a manual and I haven't
>      got a Bentley yet.

Pentosin is the brand name for the mineral hydraulic fluid that Audis,
VWs, and some other European cars have used for some years. It is *not*
brake fluid. We use the standard DOT3/4 for that.  It drives the power
steering and the pressure accumulator for the brake assist.

Do *NOT* (and we really mean *NOTNOTNOTNOT*) ever put power steering
fluid into a reservoir marked "Hydraulic Oil". Ever. Not even for a
moment. Don't even rest the bottle near it.

I just bought a liter of my 7.1 (the newer 11 grade is for '90s and up
I think) for $14.65 at the local import parts store. He also said a new
bomb was $344. Suddenly, pentosin seems pretty cheap!


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