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Audi Magazine!

      Just thought I'd let everyone know.....there is an AUDI MAGAZINE!
My father was in England on business and he saw it at a newstand either in his
hotel or at the airport and decided to pick one up for me.  This is not VW/Audi
Car magazine....it is exclusively for Audi!  It seems like it is a magazine
made by Audi to attract new customers.  It is very nice quality with real nice
glossy photos...stuff you could frame.  Anyways, showed all kinds of stuff on
the new Audi models (including the new A4 Avant), and seemed to also show the
Audi ownership and the "good life"....yea...they need to show my repair bills!
Well, I like it a lot.  Unfortuanatly, I left it at home, and I am at school,
so I cannot give any subscription information at the moment.  But, maybee some
of our English counterparts can help us out with that, if there is enough