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Winter Crasher found!

Well, it looks like I found my winter crasher....Ill be picking it up in 
a couple weeks... :)

Its an '87 4000Q thats in GREAT condition. It is tornado red, has under 
100K (80K), has the records... Velour interior which looks unsat in!

Body is flawless as far as dents and dings and rust, but the paint finish 
on the front drivers quarter panel is faded...but thats easy.
Everything works, it was a one owner car, alarm etc etc etc.

It needs two new door handles and a rear tail light, but thats being 
fixed before I pick it up. Price was a VERY reasonable $1400.

It even has the FACTORY little useless Marschall fogs in the lower 
grill!! :)

Runs great, blah blah blah... Problem is....its too GOOD for a winter 


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