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In a message dated 96-09-04 13:51:28 EDT, you write:

>A "Buddy" of ours races for Porsche and can get me a Boxter at 6% over
>factory cost (13% below dealer invoice) and I would be able to take delivery
>of the car in January, ahead of the pack, without having to pay for the
>"New-Car-Hype" dealer surcharge.  Since another "Buddy" in the group just
>a C4S (a much better car, I know) the a local dealer has also agreed to put
>us on the list for a "first-10" car without paying the surcharge, but paying
>full retail.
>So- you can see the problem.  I own a very cherry 1990 Coupe Quattro
>(pearl/black with 54K miles and still under warranty) which I am working on
>upgrading.  Ultimately, I don't have enough money ($12K) to get the
>horespower I would like out of the car.  It is a dog, and I'm tired of Dodge
>Cravans beating me off the line.  But it has one of the most beautiful butts
>in the business, and I love the way it feels (or will feel, once Eric F gets
>his act together and ships me some shocks!).  The 2 seater is a bit
>impractical as an only car.
>What do I do?  Keep a rare car, take advantage of the Boxter deal and give
>Coupe to a lover on the List?  Move to Europe and buy an S2?  Sue Audi for
>not importing the good stuff?  Buy the boxter, sell it for $50K, drop a 200T
>engine in my coupe?  Buy a Ford?
>I need therapy.
>Saam Gabbay
>1990 Coupe Quattro.   Nice car.

Normally I'd edit your letter but its needed in its entirety for clarity and
my reply.

Rule #1 - Don't disparage your current car or you will have to get rid of it.
You have to love it right up to that point you sign over the title otherwise
its no fun to drive.

Re: Boxster - I wouldn't expect to make big money by squeezing extra dollars
out of a Porsche buyer.  You wrote that your friend's dealer will give you a
special deal - you can buy it a MSRP - no boost - Are you sure there's going
to be that much demand that there will be a dealer markup????  I'm on the
list at my local P dealer for a Boxster.  I put a token (refundable) deposit
down last week for a car at MSRP. Their allocation is about 40 cars - I'm
number 34 on the list.    

Another caveat - you buy boxster - you pay sales tax - your cost basis has
just gone up - your buyer is going to pay in effect double sales tax and give
you adequate profit - I don't think so. 

Are you being blown away but Dodge Caravans? Maybe it just my Chrysler
minivan with the hemi-headed nitrious oxide engine?

Words of advise - keep the coupe if you enjoy it.  If you don't, sell it.  If
you want a fast but practical car and you can only own one Audi car look at a
S6 wagon or a 200QW.  


I hope the internet isn't case sensitive
1 less audi