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Audi 4000/80

I have a very similar model t yours, called an 80 over here in the UK; but with the non-injection engine.

I also have a number of similar problems:

My front passenger window does not work, but the problem lies with the motor, and I consider it a too expensive fix.

My license plate light stopped working a few months back, took it out (just 2 philips screws), bulb didnt seem shot, so cleaned the contacts and replaced. Worked fine.

Somebody had also snapped my non-electric Antenna, and you can now simply pull the pole out. This leads to indifferent radio reception, but a new aerial and re-routing the cable is a job I have been putting off. If you get any good advice on this, please forward to me.

My boot lid only just about stays up if theres no wind about......My laziness has caused 2 cuts on my head to date!

Best of luck,