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Re: Price of 1993 100CSQW

Eric Billing wrote:
> David,
> I bought a Pearl 1993 100CSQW with 25K miles in June. Car was owned the dealership (wife of owner drove it). It has several minor nicks and scratches from rocks, etc. as well as evidence that she wasn't too careful in those mall parking lots. Anyway, they wanted 27.9K and I got it for 22.5 plus my 88 Civic LX in trade... I figure I paid $25.5-26K.
> So far my only concerns are:
> a)  it is very sluggish, unless I stand on the gas pedal... something I'm learning to do
> b)  the radio (Audi Gamma) seems to have wacky reception in town which results in various speakers cutting out/in
> c)  There is a large (silver dollar size) chuck of clearcoat which has come off from the passenger door. Dealer will be re-painting, but the episode is unsettling none the less.
> e)      Since everything is "power" such and such, It was a no brainer to opt for the extended warrantee. My package is good for 48 mos./ 48K miles and covers everything other than normal wear items. Price on this was $1200.
> Other than the above, I'm very pleased with the purchase. I still follow the ads looking for Audis and find that the price I got was very good. There are very few used wagons out there.
> Eric Billing
> Eagan, MN
> 93 100CSQW
It would seem you did well, especially in getting an extended
warrantee.  You need to have your dealer deal with the sluggishness
problem while you're getting that clear coat patched.  My '92 100CSQW is
approaching 150K and is not and never has been sluggish.  The 2.8V6
remains the 100/A6's only shortcoming.  It does not have a whole lot of
honk.  But it does respond briskly if that's the way you drive, and
while it lacks neck-snapping turbo-like response, it is in no way
sluggish when it and the tranny are performing up to spec.

-- Good luck, Shaun