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Re: 93 100 CSQW Price

     >So far my only concerns are:
     >a)  it is very sluggish, unless I stand on the gas pedal... something 
     >I'm learning to do
     The extra weight you're hauling around with a wagon vs. a sedan makes 
     a difference combined with the general sluggishness of most 
     automatics.  But once you get up to speed they will cruise 
     effortlessly at license revoking speeds.
     >b)  the radio (Audi Gamma) seems to have wacky reception in town 
     >which results in various speakers cutting out/in
     Ours works OK here in Albuquerque (large valley, most transmitters on 
     mountains to the east), but in general, wire in the glass antennas are 
     pretty pathetic.
     >c)  There is a large (silver dollar size) chuck of clearcoat which 
     >has come off from the passenger door. Dealer will be re-painting, but 
     >the episode is unsettling none the less.
     Except for the normal stone chips on the front of the hood, paint on 
     ours (Ragusa Green) looks fantastic.
     >e) Since everything is "power" such and such, It was a no brainer to 
     >opt for the extended warrantee. My package is good for 48 mos./ 48K 
     >miles and covers everything other than normal wear items. Price on 
     >this was $1200.
     Wasn't an option since we bought ours privately, but one year later, 
     all the gee-whiz gadgets still work as advertised (knock on wood 
     >Other than the above, I'm very pleased with the purchase. I still 
     >follow the ads looking for Audis and find that the price I got was 
     >very good. There are very few used wagons out there.
     I agree.  Because of the rarity, this is not the kind of vehicle you 
     shop around for, comparing prices as you would for a "transportation 
     appliance".  If you find one and you want it, get the best deal you 
     can but don't hesitate.
     Albuquerque, NM, USA
     92 100 CSQW
     92 100 S