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Re: yellow A4 on campus!

> I hope that our cars aren't turning into some kind of status symbol for
> posers. That's BMW & gold plated Lexus territory.

> Audi's are supposed to be driven. Not posed in. Right?

In case of Audi, I think it is a good thing. For Audi to stay in the U.S.
market with decent sales, there must be a reason -- a sort of "symbol --
for the damn things to sell. Volvo got its "safety," BMW the "ultimate"
driving machine, and MB the "vault." Audi, sadly, has no such thing in
mass market America. Only handful of us appreciate Audi as excellent car
-- but that is ain't enough for AoA's long term stay in U.S. Goodness, if
that persist, Audi may fade away like Alfa or something.

So with these kids buying A4 as a status symbol, AoA is actually doing
something right for these kids to consider A4 as alternative to BMWs and
such -- although most of us has foggiest idea of what AoA is doing right,
since most of us has followed AoA's persistant, themeless, focusless 

First come the status symbol to which it helps to sell lotza Audis, then
let's hope some of these buyers notice that, "hey, this IS better driving
machine than so-called 'ultimate driving machines.'"

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