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Re: New Thread!

Dave Head wrote:
> At 05:05 PM 9/5/96 -0700, you wrote:
> >Nathan
> >'88 90 Q
> >QCUSA  I just got my renewal notice.  Should I renew?  It's now $40 up
> >from $36.
> Now there's a thread we could start...   Eric?  Jeff?

Yeah, I did too, but it was sent to my old address and the $40. fee was 
crossed out and $36. was written in by hand.

What amazes me is that I get a renewal notice sent to my old address, a 
bill for &10. sent to my new address for attending the Blackhawk event, 
and no issues of the quatterly sent to me at any address ever.

What gives?

Todd Candey.