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Re: UrQ Parts for Sale

   1 ABT instrument cluster p/n 813 857 057. Color is dark brown. Contains three
   gauges, all VDO - water temp up to 250 degree F (p/n 310-102) - oil pressure
   0-150 lbs/sq. inch (p/n350-103) - voltage 8-16 (p/n 332-101).  These are VDO
   "Night Design" style gauges.  Sending units are not included (still in UrQ)
   but I'll give you the p/ns and where to buy them ($61.00 total).  Price for
   the gauges and VDO dash is $200 obo.

   1 Bentley manual - The Audi Official Factory Repair Manual for 1984 thru 1987
   4000S, 4000CS and Coupe GT - also including Quattro and Quattro Turbo.  Price
   is $50 obo.

If anyone out there is both applicable (so to speak) and paying attention,
the above is a bargain . . .