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Pentosin 7 and 11

Regarding the two different Pentosin fluids:

Audi issued a service bulletin: #86-02 (December 1986) which describes the change to
the G 002 000 fluid. It says "Use this hydraulic fluid for topping or filling the power 
steering/hydraulic system on vehicles of all model years."

"Hydraulic fluid, Part no G 002 000  can be mixed with hydraulic fluids previously
used in power steering and hydraulic systems.  These include ATF Dexron  and 
A0E 041 02010"  (is this the pentosin 7.1 ?). 

It CAUTIONS: "Hydraulic fluid G 002 000 should NOT be used to top up or fill 
Automatic transmissions"

My local supply "Halsey Imports" indicates that Pentosin 7.1 is/was used on earlier
Pre 1986 Audis and that Pentosin 11 is recommended for later (post 86) vehicles.
So is Pentosin 11 the same as G 002 000 fluid from Audi? The cans are identical except
for the name/color/label  and I would expect that Pentosin makes the Audi fluid.

If I remember correctly the Pentosin 11 is a synthetic version with a higher operating
range (up to 130 degrees C) than the Pentosin 7.1. I think it indicates this on the can 
or I may have read it in some Pentosin literature I picked up at Halsey Imports.

My personal experience on my 86 5000CST and on my 89 200TQ: 

I flushed out my power steering hydraulic system on my 86 5000CST
with Pentosin 11 and a few months later the Power steering pump began to leak around
the large screws , (I also found the rear pump shaft support/o-ring was loose when 
I took the pump apart). I resealed the pump and it was leak free after 2 years. My 
steering rack began to leak a little a year later but then all these racks leak on the 5000 cars. 

I flushed out my 89 200TQ system with Pentosin 11 (The steering rack had been replaced
before I bought the car and the shop refilled with Pentosin 7.1). My power steering pump
began to leak after a few months, I  resealed the pump (nothing was loose inside)
with a ZF kit from Halsey and no leaks anymore.

The pump leaks on both cars could have been a coincedance, who knows........

Scott M.